Thursday, September 13, 2012

Model Bridge Project

To Get to the Other Side - Bridges

Driving Question:

How can we design and create the best type of bridge that can cross the Puyallup river? 

Stage 1 - Research 

Step 1 - Pick a Topic: 
  • History of Bridges
  • Main Types of Bridges and their Uses
  • Famous Bridges
  • Different Types of Truss Bridges 

Step 2 - PowerPoint Presentation: Once your group has your topic you can start your research. Each PowerPoint presentation should include the follow:
  • Title page
  • 4-6 slides - main points
  • Picture as the background
  • 5-10 min. 

Step 3 - Present your PowerPoint. Make sure you have enough information to orally expound on your main points. 

Step 4 - Using the information learned from the presentations, pick the best type of bridge for your project! 

Resource List: Here are some resources to help you start your presentations.