Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stormy Snowy Weather!!

The fourth graders wrote some creative stories, which were inspired by the exciting weather we are experiencing, with the story starter "What would you do if it snowed six feet?".

Six Feet of Snow

I am snow plowed in my house and I cannot get out of our doors because the snow is six feet high. So First I would go into our garage get a heavy duty strong rope, and then I would climb out the window with the rope. After that I would make snow tunnels under the snow and play tap-tap-tap and tag. I would have a hardy time with my brothers, my mom, and my dad. I would go in my grandpa’s pool and hot tub for a long time. Then I would go too Crystal Mountain and went snowboarding.


Last night it snowed 6 feet. First, I made a dark fire. After getting warm by the fire, I stayed inside until the snow melted, and then I ate crisp fruit and cookies.  I got a flashlight and played games like hide and seek in the dark, and board games. I read books by the fire. After my dad got home from work, he set off a bunch of fire crackers and sparklers on the back porch in the deep tunnels we made. It was very, very fun.

If a snow storm came that brought 6ft of snow, I would go get a lamp and go play upstairs and if I didn’t have a lamp I would get something out of the garage that could give warm light. Then I would play tag and drink apple cider. I think I would have a very fun and exciting time!

Molly Hier
One day I woke up to a white blanket on the ground. My dad said that it was called snow. I really wanted to go play in the snow so I got all dressed in my special snow outfit. Finally I was ready; I was in a huge snow outfit I could hardly walk. But when I finally got outside I stepped off the porch, which thankfully had a roof over it. Burr! I just fell under ten feet of freezing white stuff. Was this the snow? “Yes” said my mom, do you want me to pull you in the sled? “Oh yes” I cried as my mom held out a bright red sled. So my mom heaved me out of the snow, put on her special snow shoes, so she wouldn’t  fall under, and then we went zooming across the clean fresh snow, it was very fun. I did the sled over and over and then we had steaming hot coco. After we had that nice cozy break we went back outside, found out that the pond was frozen then went ice skating on it. But after a few rounds around, I fell down and scraped my knee I had to go inside and get a band aid, and then we had more hot chocolate, and took a long nap. It was fun!  

 Last night it snowed 6 ft. of fluffy, powdery, white snow. After I finished rejoicing I heard the phone ring, it was Rose telling me that there was no school until the snow melted! I was so excited that I went and woke up Ruby by jumping on her bed. Ruby was so excited she jumped out of her extremely bouncy bed. After we made our beds we went down stairs to sit by the cozy fire and warm ourselves. Then we put are snow clothes on and went outside. When I got outside I brought my sled all the way up the elephantine hill by my grandpas yard. I took a few steps back and ran forward. At first I was going good than I bumped into the fence and flew off the sled and landed in the Stephenson’s yard. Then I got up feeling a little sore, and tried it again! But I did the same thing! Then I tried a third time, and made it all the way down the hill without crashing into the fence. Then I gave Ruby a try. It was a fun adventure!    

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning About What We Eat

Food Chemistry is the title of our new unit in science!

There are three major food groups:
(1. Protein
(2. Fats
(3. Carbohydrates (yummy!)

God created many different foods that contain protein; meat, dairy products, nuts etc. Protein is very important to our bodies because it helps them function properly.
Fats are also an important food group. Foods in this group include; nuts, butter, lard, oils, and olives etc.
My favorite food group is carbohydrates. This food group includes some of the most delicious foods, for example, bread, chips, noodles, mashed potatoes etc. Yum Yum!

We put together three ingredients to make a perfect combination of carbs, fats, and protein.
Do you like Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches (on white bread)?

 Thank you Juanita, for taking such creative pictures! We are glad Miss Williams is teaching the 5th-6th grade photography : )

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Wonders of God's World

Today's Science Lesson: Water Treatment

We learned that water needs purified before we can drink it. God made natural resources to help keep water pure and clean, some of which are sand and gravel.Today we made our own purification system. We each had a funnel, which we filled with three layers: cotton balls, soil and sand. We found some dirty, muddy water, which had lots of particles in it, to use for the experiment.Then we placed some alum in the water, because alum clumps the particles together. We removed the clumps of unwanted particles and the layer of sludge, which is all the particles that gather at the bottom of the cup. The water was still very black and dirty. Then we poured the dirty water into our funnels and watched the purification system at work. The water came out almost crystal clear! We were amazed!!!

Discovering God's world through science is very exciting!

Latin Flash Cards Online!

We are continually upgrading and making how we learn better. Instead of using paper flashcards the fourth graders will be studying their Latin lesson with online flashcards. Here is the link for the new flashcard website -

Have fun learning!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fishy Fun

We finally made our goal. We earned our fish tank!

The girls made a math goal and earned 1 fish each.  
Chuckles belongs to Katherine and he is a Sunrise Tequila Delta Guppy fsh.
This is a Neon Tetra fish. This is Miss Blanchard's fish and his name is Piscis, which means fish in Latin.

Crystal's Pearl Gourami fish is named Flow.

Molly also has a fish and it will be on the blog shortly!

The boys are earning their fish by doing perfect math papers, which means no mistakes. Rodrigo and David earned one point today! Good job.
We have a beautiful plant to put into our tank, but we need 8 more points to earn it.