Monday, February 7, 2011

The Wonders of God's World

Today's Science Lesson: Water Treatment

We learned that water needs purified before we can drink it. God made natural resources to help keep water pure and clean, some of which are sand and gravel.Today we made our own purification system. We each had a funnel, which we filled with three layers: cotton balls, soil and sand. We found some dirty, muddy water, which had lots of particles in it, to use for the experiment.Then we placed some alum in the water, because alum clumps the particles together. We removed the clumps of unwanted particles and the layer of sludge, which is all the particles that gather at the bottom of the cup. The water was still very black and dirty. Then we poured the dirty water into our funnels and watched the purification system at work. The water came out almost crystal clear! We were amazed!!!

Discovering God's world through science is very exciting!


  1. How exciting! What a way to clean water! Learning about God's creation through science is very fun. I enjoyed it in school. By the way congratulation on completing your fish tank goal!.

  2. That is a very fun experiment in science!

    I am so thankful for Mrs.Frost and

    Miss Blanchard

    Katherine Ketron