Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fishy Fun

We finally made our goal. We earned our fish tank!

The girls made a math goal and earned 1 fish each.  
Chuckles belongs to Katherine and he is a Sunrise Tequila Delta Guppy fsh.
This is a Neon Tetra fish. This is Miss Blanchard's fish and his name is Piscis, which means fish in Latin.

Crystal's Pearl Gourami fish is named Flow.

Molly also has a fish and it will be on the blog shortly!

The boys are earning their fish by doing perfect math papers, which means no mistakes. Rodrigo and David earned one point today! Good job.
We have a beautiful plant to put into our tank, but we need 8 more points to earn it.


  1. Where is Molly's Fish?

    It should get put on our blog

    Katherine Ketron

  2. She needs to take a picture of it! You can remind me tomorrow, Ok

    Miss Blanchard

  3. I remember having a tank in 2nd grade and it was really fun seeing the fish every morning. I like how colorful the fish are that you picked. I'll visit your classroom soon so that I can see the plant that you are earning. If you keep your ears open and listen to your teacher like a Hebrew, you'll get that plant in there sooner than you can say supercalafragileisticexpialidocious. Well, in a manner of speaking anyway.

    - Laura Dyne Swanzy