Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun Friday

The fourth grade did such a great job in math this week. They got 5 lessons done in 4 days, so we had a special fun Friday!

While the boys were busy passing levels on the Wii, Molly and I were busy having a fabulous time in the kitchen. We made a raspberry cream cheese pie!

In our aprons and ready for the challenge!

It came out great, except for one mishap. We mixed the whipping cream too long and we discovered how to make butter - yummy sweet butter. Thanks to Mrs. Hill, who kindly gave us more whipping cream, we finally perfected the topping.
Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie

Here is the recipe link -


  1. For some reason all of your videos are set to "private" and I can't watch them. :(

  2. It was really fun making that with miss blanchard.
    molly hier