Friday, December 3, 2010

Fishing For Points - Hope we catch 5 today

We have 45 points only 5 more to go! We are going to get a fresh water fish tank. We are deciding what kind of fish we want. Here are some of our ideas -

Silver dollar fish

Hatchet Fish

Tequila Sunrise Delta Guppy Fish

Pearl Gourami Fish

If anyone has any suggestions for us please leave us a commment! We would really appreciate your ideas.


  1. I like most fo the suggestions that you have posted. I would also like to suggest the "albino catfish". There is one thing about the guppy fish that I think you should know - guppies tend to dirty your tank very quickly. You will just have to clean the tank more often to keep it nice looking if you pick that particular fish. Though in their favor - they are very hearty, cute, and take very little care to survive. They are just so dirty and are mass producers(learned this from experience.)Keep up the good work you guys, I am so excited to see the new tank!

  2. Great idea! I had a fish tank when I was 9! How about: Angel fish, Black Mollies, Neons are so neat, little guppies, sword fish. You'll want a scavenger fish and maybe a snail ( they seem to multply even when you don't want them to! How do you earn 'points'?

  3. I get points by listening, paying attention, and also participating!

    school is fun!

    molly Jo Hier

  4. I rilly liked the silver doller fish.They look very neet.I want to get one fore the class.


  5. There is one more fish that I would like to suggest. Now this fish is very neat-o, you can do alot of very creative things to the tank to make them stand out. The name of the fish is the Glo Neon Tetra. If you put black or blue lighting in the tank they actually glow like a glow stick! Very amazing.

  6. I think that the two best fish of the entire selection are the Pearl Gourami and the Tequila Sunrise Delta Guppy fish.


  7. I like how shiny the silver dollar fish is! I think you should definitely get a couple of those!
    (I really liked your performance of Beethoven's 5th Symphony too!

    Grace K

  8. I think that you all should keep on going for the goal and make it , but i do think you should get the Silver dollar fish!

    Michael Keen

  9. I think we should get the Pearl Gourami fish! I think it is really pretty!

    Katherine K.

  10. I think that you should get the Tequila Sunrise Delta Guppy fish.
    - Emily H.

  11. That is a great idea Emily! I think we should get that fish.

    Katherine Ketron