Monday, March 7, 2011

Mathmatical Scientific Bread

Math and Science are every where! Even in your kitchen? YES!!!

Math: In order to bake or cook you need to know your basic math skills such as, addition, multiplication, and division facts. The fourth grade practiced their fraction and whole number addition to find the correct amount of each ingredient for our special bread. They also were learning the importance of following steps, reading through directions thoroughly, and cleaning up as they go! Girls had the neatest area, and the boys did the best job being thorough and making sure cleanup happened. Great Job!

Science: What makes bread fluffy and soft?
When making bread there are several main ingredient you need: water, butter (oil), flour, and yeast. Yeast is used when you want soft fluffy bread. Yeast is a fungi and it makes the bread rise. Without yeast you would have flat bread. In Exodus, God told the Israelites to make their bread unleavened (without yeast). Unleavened bread does not need time to rise because it does not have yeast. When the bread is cooked the yeast dies, so don’t worry you are not eating fungi when you have toast or a sandwich!
Gluten is found in the flour. Gluten is what makes the bread stretchy before it is baked. It also traps carbon dioxide in the dough, and when the dough is baked the carbon dioxide is released and it leaves behind small holes or air pockets. Next time you cut a piece of bread see if you can see the small hole!

Thank you Mrs. Kirk (Jane), for helping me make this fun video!
4th Grade – Great job taking interested, creative pictures!

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