Friday, September 24, 2010

Computers in the Classroom

The day we have been waiting for finally came. We got to type our spelling words on the computer! If we get 25 points we get to have a breakfast that includes, fruit, whip cream, crepes and maybe bacon.

I was glad we got to type our spelling words on the computer. We qualified to play games afterward.
- Katherine

We will earn our points by raising our hands to share, giving good eye contact, listening, and good transitions.

I typed 14 spelling words in 10 minutes. Next time I want to try to type 20 spelling words in 10 minutes.

I typed 18 spelling words in 10 minutes. I also liked when Tommy showed our class his praying mantis.
- Daniel

Today we used our new laptops for our spelling lesson. It was so exciting because the laptops work so quickly. I am glad we get to use laptops this year!
- Crystal


  1. Wow, that sounds like fun! Get those 25 points!

  2. That breakfeast was very good!


    Katherine K.