Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Special Guest

Today we had a special surprise. We are learning about praying mantises in our writing class, and thanks to Mrs. Ketron we got to see some in our class.

Timmy Ketron's Mantis

Stephenson's Mantis
 Today we learned about the praying mantis. The nest the mom makes is completely closed for the winter, so nothing can get out and no one can get in. When summer comes, the babies hatch and slowly come out of the nest. The babies seperate and never meet again.  - Crystal

At the end of the praying matis's arms, they have sticky spines. They just have to touch a fly and it will stick! - Tommy
Mantises are very smart creatures. They catch mice, spiders, and hummingbirds. - Daniel

When they see their prey they quickly strike and their spikes stick into their prey, and then they eat them.      - David

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  1. Mantis are among my favorite bugs. It is pretty neat that you get to learn about them. God's creation is so amazing. Keep posting, I like to read what you are doing in school.