Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Class Update

Candy Bar Shelf -
We have a candy bar shelf for students who get 5 tickets. Students can get tickets by getting in the dolphin club (spelling) or the 2 min fact club (math), by having a neat desk, and doing neat and excellent work.

Autumn is Here -
 A tree grew in our classroom last night! The fourth graders are making colorful leaves with Mrs. Scamman in art class to place on our tree. We are going to need some squirrels and birds to live in our tree. That will be our next project!
The Math Goal is Coming Along -
Excellent job in math class. The class is focused and moving so quickly through our math lessons. We have completed three math lesson in 2 days. We just need to complete two more math lessons to make our goal. We are learning that we can moved faster and do our work better.

Coloring Contest -
 1st place goes to Rodrigo Martinez! Prize - 2 tickets
Rodrigo - fabulous shading

2nd place goes to Crystal Waters! Prize - 1 ticket 
Crystal Waters - nice outline job
Everyone who entered did a fabulous job!

Molly Hier - very creative
Tommy - very nice outline job on the leaves
Daniel - nice and colorful

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  1. Oh, Boy! Can I come to school too? What fun and I love the pictures. They are all very well done. Congrats, Rodrigo on that first place! Keep up the good work.