Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do you do when it is rainy outside?

What do you do when it is blustery and rainy outdoors, but you have 7 spry children who need to get their wiggles and energy out?

The Rubber Band Dart Game!

Watch this video to learn how to shoot a rubber band farther with better accuracy

Psalm 34: 1-11


  1. Thanks for the video post on how to shoot a rubberband. You see, I have always had a problem shooting them. Somehow I always end up snapping my on fingers or it flys backwards and hits me in the face. I have tried to avoid them as much as possible - me and rubberbands just don't get along very well! Anways, the game looked fun and exciting. Great job on the memory verses Tommy, Kathrine and Chrystal. The Word never returns void. Keep it UP!!!!

  2. That was a easy recitation!

    Keep up the good score!