Friday, October 8, 2010

Fun Friday!

Game Time!

School started with some exciting games such as Wii, Twister, Mouse Trap, Battle Ship, Sorry, and Monopoly! Because the 5th-6th graders also made their goal, we combined our classes and played games together. While the boys were busy playing Wii with Miss Williams, the girls were playing board game with me and then we stwitched. Check out these pics!!!

Writing Time:
Optional Fun Work: type out your Swollen Fox stories and email them to me.

Miss Blanchard's Story:
Don't Be Too Greedy!

          In a green forest on a bright summer day, a red fox was roaming through the woods when he spotted in a hole in his favorite tree, a pile of fresh French bread and numerous juicy, mouth-watering, t-bone steaks. As soon as he saw this delectable treat he hurried into the hollow of the oak, where it was hidden, and heartily devoured the entire meal. When trying to leave the hole, he quickly discovered that he had stuffed himself with so much food that he couldn't fit back through the hole! The sorry fox began to lament his fate and loudly started complaining. Presently, another fox, who was a close friend, came charging toward the hole in the old oak trunk and was greatly surprised when he found his friend twice as large as usual and stuck in a hole in a tree. The wondering friend inquired after the poor fox's story. After listening intently, the only advice the friend could give was the terrible truth that the greedy fox would just have to patiently wait until his form was reduced to its normal size.  

Whooo, Whooo Everyone!

Mr. Owl flew into our classroom last night. He likes our tree so much that he decided to stay here for the winter!


  1. We like your story, Miss Blanchard!! It was very exciting!

    - 4th grade

  2. my first time playing mouse trap was a very fun one. by: molly jo hier

  3. Hi, Fourth grade

    Matthew Scamman